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Flagship Overdrive

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Hand built in Westminster, MD, the Flagship is a low to medium gain overdrive pedal whose roots are designed after the popular Marshall Blues Breaker© circuit with some modifications to provide more gain and functionality than the original design while still maintaining the clarity.

The toggle switch on the top allows you to pick between two diode clipping settings; symmetrical and asymmetrical. The symmetrical setting is a smoother clipping sound while the asymmetrical clips more like a “tube screamer” type pedal.

With Volume, Gain, and Tone on the exterior of the case, the controls are pretty straight forward. An internal Presence trim pot that can be used to take out some of the top high end chime or dial it up to get very crisp top end sound.

Your Flagship Overdrive has a Limited 10 year warranty on all mechanical and electrical components that fail due to normal operational use. There is no need to register your product, simply keep this certificate. This Warranty is void if any mod or repair is performed by anyone other than Chesapeake Effects AND/OR if we deem that any operator-caused abuse or damage has occurred, for example; the use of an incorrect power supply, a dropped pedal, water damage, etc. This warranty does not cover cosmetic defects or blemishes.

All shipping on warrantied repairs will be at the purchasers expense.